HVAC Inspections

HVAC inspections are a common part of the home buying process to ensure that the system meets code requirements. Prospective buyers should look to ensure that the home's HVAC system is up to spec.

hvac inspections

What to Expect During HVAC Inspections Before Buying or Selling a Home

At Stoudenmire Heating & Air, our inspection process is both effective and thorough. The steps of our HVAC inspection process are summarized as follows:

  • Testing the airflow, fan motors, and fan limit control of the HVAC system.
  • Recalibrating the HVAC system’s thermostat to ensure that it outputs an accurate reading.
  • Lubricating the bearings in the HVAC system in order to boost its efficiency and increase its longevity.
  • Ensuring that all of the wiring is connected properly, which is essential for preventing potential fire hazards.
  • Performing an energy audit to ensure that the system is operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Checking the air quality of the home to ensure that the HVAC system is functioning properly.
  • Pinpointing and correcting any issues that may be affecting the HVAC system.

Through this thorough inspection process, we are able to help homeowners and prospective home buyers ensure that HVAC systems are functioning properly. Our goal is to help you avoid costly repairs down the road. To learn more about how Stoudenmire Heating & Air can help you with HVAC inspections before buying or selling a home, contact us today.

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