Maintenance Plans for Columbia Homeowners

HVAC preventative maintenance is a key ingredient to give your unit a long-lasting, productive life and our HVAC Maintenance Plans are tailored to fit your needs and budget to keep your HVAC unit running. Contact us today to sign up or for more information on any of our maintenance plans!

HVAC Maintenance Plans Monthly plans must be auto-drafted from a debit or credit card. Bi-annual or Annual plans can be paid with card, cash, or check.

Silver (Basic Services)

Monthly: $20 / additional unit: $10

Bi-annual: $97.50 / additional unit: $48

Annually: $195 / additional unit: $96

  • Two seasonal maintenance visits
  • 1″ Filter replacement at each visit
  • Check unit for proper operation in heating/cooling
  • Check electrical components and tighten as needed
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Check outdoor unit for debris and clean with water (AC visit only)
  • Check all service caps and secure as needed
  • Check defrost / auxiliary heat (heat visit only)
  • Test all safety controls for proper operation
  • Check start components for proper operation
  • Check amp draws on motors and compressors
  • Flush condensate drain line

Additional Benefits

  • 10% discount on all parts and materials required for repairs
  • No overtime fees for afterhours service calls
  • Priority scheduling for emergency services


Monthly: $30 / additional unit: $15 

Bi-annual: $147.50 / additional unit: $75

Annually: $295 / additional unit: $150

Includes ALL Silver Services PLUS:

  • Vacuum out the outdoor unit & electrical cabinet 
  • Disassemble outdoor unit and clean with coil cleaner
  • Clean indoor coil
  • Flush and vacuum drain lines and pans and add tablets
  • Pull and clean blower assembly (as needed)
  • Clean flame sensors (heat visit only)

Gold Level Benefits (Includes all Silver benefits PLUS:)

  • 1 FREE diagnostic visit per year
  • Increase to 15% off all parts and materials required for repairs


Monthly: $40 / additional unit: $25

Bi-annual: $225 / additional unit: $120

Annually: $450 / additional unit: $240

Includes ALL Gold Services PLUS:

  • Combustion analysis on gas fired furnaces (heat visit only)
  • Air flow check and adjustment as needed
  • Wash and wax outdoor units
  • Check temperature split and record snapshots of unit’s performance for customer record

Platinum Level Benefits (Includes all Gold benefits PLUS:)

  • 100% FREE diagnostic vists
  • Increase to 20% discount on all parts and materials required for repairs

How Does a Residential Maintenance Agreement Help You Save?

Regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of your HVAC system and save you hundreds of dollars in repairs, so don’t cut corners on costs and risk losing quality, year-round comfort for your family. Contact Stoudenmire to see how our residential maintenance agreements can help you save.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a maintenance agreement with Stoudenmire Heating & Air Conditioning.

  • Cut costs by keeping your system running at peak energy efficiency.
  • Receive early warning signs about equipment issues or failures.
  • Keep your family cozy all winter and cool all summer.

South Carolina weather can be a bit unpredictable at times, but our residential maintenance agreements can help put you at ease. With Stoudenmire’s residential maintenance agreements, you can be sure that your HVAC system is in tip-top shape. No need to worry about your HVAC system going out. Our technicians will make sure that your system is running exactly as it should.

Why Stoudenmire Heating and Air Conditioning?

We go above and beyond every time to deliver quality care and great service. Therefore, you can count on Stoudenmire Heating & Air Conditioning to repair, service and maintain your HVAC system. Our residential maintenance agreements will leave you feeling confident about the condition of your HVAC system.
Stoudenmire Heating & Air Conditioning is the company for you! Firstly, we’ve been serving the greater Columbia community for over 55 years. In addition, people count on our team because we provide quality care and great service. Moreover, Stoudenmire Heating & Air conditioning can be trusted to handle all of your HVAC system problems. Just call and let our experts take a look!

Ready to get started with Stoudenmire Heating & Air Conditioning? Contact us today to learn more.