Heating Repair & Installation

A properly functioning heating system can make the difference between an enjoyable winter and an uncomfortable one. So, a professional contractor like Stoudenmire is essential for ensuring your heating system remains functioning at peak efficiency throughout the winter. Many contractors overlook the value of a well-designed system in minimizing energy bills by meeting the specific needs of your house. Furthermore, the right heating repair and installation services are also necessary for reducing your costs.

heating repair and installation services

Heating Design

Many homes can benefit from a custom-designed heating system, especially older houses that may not comply with modern building codes. We’re highly experienced in retrofitting these houses with the latest high-efficiency systems, which can greatly reduce your energy bills and increase your overall comfort.


The design phase largely consists of designing the zones and determining your house’s heating requirements. Some areas of your house have different requirements than the others. Controlling the heat with a single thermostat heats some areas more than they need, which wastes money. The division of your house into multiple zones helps to solve this problem by allowing you to independently control the temperature of each zone. A system that’s too small can increase your energy bill just as easily as one that’s too large Calculating your house’s load requirements is an essential part of the design phase. Designers should base these calculations on the Air-Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J method or the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning (ASHRAE) guidelines.


Heating Installation

The best heating system for your house is highly dependent upon geographical location, which affects climate and utility prices. Fuel type is a primary factor, which typically comes down to a choice between electricity and natural gas. The type of system is also important, which may include boilers, furnaces and heat pumps.

Repair and Maintenance

All heating systems require maintenance and repair to keep them running at optimum efficiency and maximize their life span. We handle all types of heating repairs, including those under warranty and post-warranty repairs. We also offer custom maintenance agreements that include a variety of specific services for your system, including an inspection every six months. Our maintenance plans also include a check of your heater’s normal operation and the condition of all its components. Additional services include cleaning and replacing filters, cleaning the drain pan and checking refrigerant levels.

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