Ductless VRF Systems

Have you considered switching from traditional to ductless systems at you’re your home or office? Ductless systems offer a number of different advantages. The most distinct benefits are increased indoor air quality and energy savings

ductless systems

The Advantages of Ductless Systems

Overall monthly energy savings are one of the most common reasons people choose to switch from their traditional system. Did you know that ductless systems require significantly less power to operate than traditional systems? That’s because they send temperature-controlled air directly to individual rooms instead of sending it throughout your entire home or office. When switching over from your traditional system, you may also qualify for a utility rebate or tax credit. Contact Stoudenmire Heating & Air Conditioning to find out more.

Traditional heating and air conditioning systems use ducts to pump air from one location to multiple locations throughout the house. This can leave one room significantly warmer or cooler than the others in your home. In contrast, a ductless system delivers air directly to one specific location via the indoor units. This allows designers to divide a house into zones, allowing you to control the temperature of each zone individually.
Your home’s indoor air quality is often lower than the quality of the outdoor air. This is because of the increased concentration of contaminants and allergens. Technicians must clean the ducts in a traditional system on a regular basis to remove these contaminants. However, some contaminants will remain in the ducts even after a thorough cleaning. Meanwhile, ductless systems have multi-stage filters that greatly reduce the contaminants in your home’s air. The increased ease of cleaning is another benefit of installing a ductless system.

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