Air Conditioning Repair & Installation in Columbia

The time to determine if you are in need of A/C repair and installation services is before the summer when you really need it. If your air conditioning isn’t running properly, you may also need a professional technician to determine if your best choice is to repair your old air conditioner or install a new one. Many homes also benefit from a customized design that meets your specific needs. You can be confident that the technicians at Stoudenmire have the experience it takes to perform these tasks properly the first time.


Air Conditioning Design

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Creating the zones is one of the most crucial tasks in designing a ductless system. The technician will generally do this by identifying the rooms next to each other that have the same cooling requirements. A house will often have one room that’s always hotter than the ones next to it. In this case, the technician will place this room in a separate zone with greater cooling capacity. Each zone in a ductless system has its own evaporating unit and thermostat. This allows you to independently control the temperature in each zone.


A technician should consider multiple factors before recommending a new air conditioning unit. A repair that keeps your current air conditioner functioning for a long period may well be worthwhile, even if it’s a major one. On the other hand, there always comes a time when a repair is no longer the most economical choice. Age is one of the most obvious indicators that an air conditioner is nearing the end of its useful life. This typically occurs after about 15 years. Another strong indicator that a new air conditioner is the better option is the failure of different components in short succession.

Air Conditioning Repair

Many symptoms can indicate your air conditioner needs repair. The most obvious of these is a unit that doesn’t turn at all or one that never cools your house, no matter how long it runs. An air conditioner that frequently switches on and off is another sign of an impending repair. Some symptoms may be less obvious, such as leaking water or strange noises.

The simplest repairs include replacing a clogged filter or adding refrigerant. More expensive repairs include replacing major parts such as the condenser, evaporator coil or motor.

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